SilverDeco Studio

Silverdeco Studio s.a.l. is a tailored commercial sales services provider, setup in 2013 as the ‘project sales division’ of the groups Lebanese building materials operations.

SilverDeco Studio was designed specifically and exclusively to cater for the construction B2B sector, in an effective and efficient manner. Silverdeco Studio and its highly trained and experienced management, procurement and sales team follow a three step system to success: IDENTIFY (the client’s exact needs), SOURCE (the products/services that most closely match their requirements) and COMMIT (to an unmatched supply service in the local market). All efforts and resources are dedicated to these 3 simple rules aimed at achieving a consistently high QoS previously unknown to the industry.

By using such a completely focused approach, Silverdeco Studio is more in tune and synced with an increasingly demanding market. SilverDeco Studio is well networked in product sourcing with partner brands and suppliers all over Europe ready to serve and support the most difficult of demands.

Silverdeco Studio handles all our corporate business from commercial projects to engineering solutions, such as external building ‘ventilated’ facades, raised ‘technical’ flooring and general ceramic tiles. Please refer the products section for more info