Contracting & Engineering

Contracting and Engineering

SilverDeco s.a.r.l. is heavily invested in the contracting (commercial) and engineering business, giving us a demanding position in an oversaturated supply-only market.

Through our sister companies Respond s.a.l. and SilverDeco Studio s.a.l., we offer a competitive range of commercial and engineering solutions by Mirage® of Italy, Lotte® of south Korea and Diresco® of Belgium, among other major international manufacturers in the building materials finishing sector.

SilverDeco s.a.r.l. is the exclusive agent/distributor of Mirage®, the acclaimed Italian manufacturer of vitrified ceramic tiles and market leader in the 20mm thick slabs industry, a product mainly aimed at external ventilated façades, raised flooring and swimming pool solutions. Contract & engineering sales are handled exclusively through our B2B company, SilverDeco Studio s.a.l.

Respond s.a.l. has been the number one fabricator/installer of 100% acrylic solid surfaces in the market since 2010 and has the most advanced facility with the capability to design, fabricate and install the most complex volume projects. Our portfolio is testament to this achievement. We offer a bespoke design, manufacture and install service made of Staron® 100% acrylic solid surfaces and Radianz ® or Diresco® quartz composite surfaces for small scale private sector and largescale commercial projects alike.

Famous for its kitchen countertops, Staron® is universally applied to a limitless range of products and solutions such as hospital/clinic/restaurant/office worktops, desks and tables, bathroom basins, counters and shower trays, decorative wall cladding for commercial applications such as banks and corporate offices as well as in private residences. Additionally we produce a variety of interior design elements such as coffee tables, cabinets, desks, chairs, sofas and any other custom-made designs, tailored to your preferences…

SilverDeco’s exclusive portfolio extends to the fabrication and installation of a full colour range of quartz-based surfaces, namely Radianz® and Diresco® quartz composite surfaces. Diresco® is a leading manufacturer renowned for its quality and innovation. Diresco® is the only BIO-UV product on the market with its green credentials and colour fade resistance under the sun. We provide solutions for kitchen counters, bathroom counters, basins and shower trays, office desks and table tops, stools among other applications.

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